Termite Species

Origin of termites Sydney is very old. These termites are found in great numbers in Sydney. In fact, Sydney serves as the breeding ground of termites and other pests like cockroaches.Sydney pest control experts have now been handed over the task of making the place pest free. Their main focus is on termites which move about in search for food. These species chiefly thrive on timber.

Termites Sydney, live in nests and colonies. Termites that fall in the category of work group eat up the entire timber before coming back to their nest. Their ultimate aim is to feed colonies. This poses serious threat for homeowners and they have to incur huge cost on repairs. This is a commonly shared experience in most of the households in Sydney.

Termites are tiny insects that can be categorized into numerous categories. Termites have various species; some of them are mentioned below:


Copotermes is the most commonly found species in Sydney. It is also known as Copotermes Acinaciform. In comparison to other species of termites Sydney, this particular species causes maximum harm. If Copotermes termites are not able to find their food, they tend to get out of control. It seems as if there is madness in them at that point of time and they destroy everything that comes their way such as your personal belongings till they are able to find something to eat. This species of termites usually constructs its nest in the trees.

 Schedorhinotermes: It is another predominant species of termites Sydney. Sydney pest control professionals have quite often been called upon to treat this problem. These termites usually construct their nest in the patio of house, fireplace, stump of tall trees and many more. In certain cases, these termites can cause major threat to the households if it eats up a huge quantity of timber. These termites fall into the category of soldiers.


 This specific species of termites Sydney further has many sub species that are known to cause destruction of wooden products. Nasutitermes have pointed heads which make them appear distinct from other species of termites Sydney. One of its species called Nasutitermes Exitiosus is commonly found in the Southern areas of Sydney. It builds its nest on the lower racks. There is yet another popular species of termites Sydney called Nasutitermes Walkeri. The majority of this termites’ colony builds its nest either below the surface of ground or on the branches of tree.

These species of termites Sydney are broadly classified into several categories namely: 

Alates: Alates are termites having large size wings. They are popularly known as “primary reproductives”.

Queen: Queen is the youngest member of the termites’ colony. She is known for its ability to lay eggs the fastest. She can lay near about 1000 eggs per day. There is an independent chamber for the queen in the colony of termites.

Workers and Soldiers: When eggs are laid in the chamber within the colony, they are taken carefully by the workers to the nursery. Termites that are called workers and soldiers perform the entire work of colonies and also they collect the food and take it along with them to feed others in the colony.