Termite Inspections

Guidelines for the Inspection of subterranean Termites

Termites, nowadays, become quite a familiar insect in Sydney. This is due to the very fact that subterranean termites are found mostly in warm countries. The subterranean termites Sydney usually live under the ground and survive on the wood. Due to wide spread population of the termites in the urban areas, a considerable destruction of the wooden structures has been identified. A general phenomenon is that termites cause damage by initially entering the wooden structures by excavating through wooden base or by posing to build mud leads, thereby causing cracks in the walls of the house.

If you suspect the presence of termites Sydney in your house, then it is highly recommended to carry out a deep analysis either on your own or by a qualified expert. Besides this, you can also take the aid of  Sydney pest control so as to prevent your home from further destruction. However, there are a few guidelines that enable you to carry out a self analysis for the detection of subterranean termites.

Recognizing the presence of termites Sydney:

Termites are in fact small insects. If you are inspecting the presence of termites, then at the initial phases you may diagnose the presence of dark colored winged alates, particularly found in spring season. With the passage of time, you may find this alates population has been transformed into workers or probably soldiers. Both these species of termites have been found to have cream-white color.

Destruction caused by Sydney termites:

The presence of live termites can be indicated by the scraped mud leads which are eventually re-built into a new form. The wooden basis or structures damaged by termites tend to possess a shielded appearance that is particularly covered with soil particles. It has been found that termites cause a considerable damage to timber. This is because of the simple fact that subterranean termites usually feed on softwoods like pines and the likes. Besides timber, there is a lot of other building material as well that can be easily penetrated by these termites. They include under-ground cables, soft plastics, plaster and even rigid polystyrene insulation boards.

Inspection for the presence of termites outside the structure:

Initiating with months of spring season, you can carry out a deep inspection beginning with the external structures, more particularly in the yard. If you visualize any portable wooden structures like timber, firewood, barrels or cardboard boxes in a deep contact with the soil, remove it immediately. Moreover, try to inspect the logs of wood carefully to track the destruction caused by termites.

 Inspection for the presence of termites inside the structure:

If you are planning to inspect the termites’ presence within the internal structure of your house, it is recommended to initiate your search with sub-floor areas. Do take the aid of a torch, a pocket-knife or a screw driver before initiating inspection. If your inspection yields the presence of mud-leads, then do examine it carefully along with its length. If the mud leads possess a dark color or are wet in nature, it indicates that it has been recently created and depicts the presence of live termites. After the sound examination of mud leads, try to scrap off the damaged area with the knife so as to prevent further destruction.

To conclude, we can say that you need to follow the above enlisted guidelines carefully for the proper and sound inspection of the subterranean termites Sydney.