Termite Management Options

Sydney Termites are basically social insects which built their nests in the wood (timber) or soil and cause severe damage to the structure of wood. They are also referred as ‘white ants’. These pests cause substantial damage to the wooden structure which ultimately cost hefty amount on repairs. There are numerous methods that aid in the prevention of termites Sydney which are primarily classified into two categories; Physical Barriers and Chemical Barriers.

In Sydney, the population of termites is considerably high, so most Sydneysiders live under constant termites fear. On the other hand, some people are not aware of the risk that termites can cause. This sometimes results in the carelessness which ultimately results in serious damage to the timber (wood) which requires a huge repairing cost. The most terrifying aspect of Sydney termites is that they are not detected until some major loss has occurred which needs tremendous cost of repairing. So, the main aim of homeowners is the prevention of termites. To get rid of these termites, the help of Termite Experts may also be taken.

There are several methods that are employed by the termite experts of Sydney to eradicate termites (also known as white ants). There are many products available that will provide a solution to get eradicate termites. They are as follows:

Termite Detector: It is very essential to wipe out all the termites before they cause any serious damage. Termite detector, developed and invented in Sydney is the latest device to detect termites. These devices are very helpful in detecting the termites in plaster board, masonry or bricks, timber and have not any interface with the building material.

Termite Baits: The main function of this method is to dismantle the colonies of termites. It minimizes the disturbance that is caused by the already existing termites. It first establishes a contact with the colony of termites, after that the colonies of termites gradually start consuming the bait that results in the removal of colonies.

However, baiting process is very expensive and a conventional one for the treatment of termites. This is because it requires several visits to the place where there is maximum occurrence of termites so as to keep a check on termites as well as to refill the bait if required. So, it is better for homeowners to take into consideration both initial treatment cost and annual renewal cost while they make their purchasing decision.

Physical and Chemical Barriers: As the saying goes that ‘prevention is better than cure’, and in case of termites, it is practically true. These barriers are generally used to prohibit the termites from entering into your compound or house. There are lots of barriers that aid in the prevention of termites. They are mentioned below:

Soil-Spray: There are a number of insecticides and termicides that are used by the Termite Experts to prevent the termites from entering the soil.

Term Guard: This system is very cost-effective and is usually developed to treat and refill the barriers. This is a very efficient and effective system that offers a safe, easy and reliable method of deploying and re-deploying the standard termite preventing chemicals to each type of construction.

So, these are a couple of methods that help in controlling termites in Sydney.

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