Termites Sydney: Your Pest & Termite Control Specialist in Sydney

We are 100% confident in our team and our Unique Termite Elimination systems/treatments. And that’s why I not only promise to deliver complete eradication of your termites. I’m also putting my money on the line to guarantee our performance.

That’s right. If we do not eradicate termites from the protected structure, we will either perform another treatment (and credit you with a 10% rebate) or refund your investment in full (+10% for the hassle). I can’t be any fairer than that! You will not find a more time-tested, proven or practical termites Sydney solution at such a reasonable price!
WARNING!!! Not All Termites Sydney Companies Are Equal…

You are probably one of the many consumers who is concerned about which termites Sydney company to choose. And rightly so. Before making a decision, you need to consider your options. In a nutshell, you can:

Choose a termites Sydney company who offers you the cheapest price
Select a company who makes the boldest promise
Do neither and let your property remain at risk
Or alternatively, read every word of the information supplied and research these…

Important Facts to Consider Before Making Your Termites Sydney Decision

Believe me, I should know. I’ve been in the Pest Exterminators Sydney industry for over 30 years, and I hear these sort of complaints every week from consumers just like you. Here’s the problem: Statistics from rapid solutions the major insurer of the pest control industry, 55% of the pest control industry are uninsured, some of the termites Sydney companies take shortcuts by not treating to the manufacturers specifications, some don’t carry out the full inspections in accordance with the Australian standards, others quote for a fixed amount & then charge for extras.

While others use sub-contractors & part-time pest controllers who don’t really care about your property because they aren’t a part of the business. Some termites Sydney companies will tell you Baiting is best. Others will tell you Chemical or Dusting is best. How can you ever know who to believe or trust to protect your home? Don’t become a victim to some smooth talking salesperson who can’t back his claims up with a money back guarantee.